UNIVERSAL PRIMER-2K-4060 is a two-component, solvent-less primer, for use with the HYPERDESMO® System and other polyurethane based products within the ALCHIMICA line-up. It is fast-curing and non-toxic (has zero V.O.C.). Primer ideal for use in cold climates or low humidity conditions.

Recommended for:

  • Primer for general use
  • Primer for metals (also galvanized), aluminium, marble
  • Enhancing interlayer adhesion of other products
  • Primer for application under conditions of insufficient ventilation
  • Primer for asphalt and asphaltic membranes
  • Priming other, non-polyurethane based systems, e.g. acrylic paints
0,4KG, 0,6KG, 1,6KG, 2,4KG, 8KG, 12KG