HYPERSEAL®-EXPERT-Building is a low modulous expansion joint sealant, especially formulated to ensure bubble free cure even at very high temperature and humidity climatic conditions. It cures by reaction with atmospheric humidity to produce a joint sealant with a 50% joint movement accomodation factor and excellent adhesion on substrates traditionally problematic for PU sealants, e.g. glass, aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, etc. The extrusion rate and tooling of the sealant remain the same throughout a very wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Recommended for:

  • Sealing joints in insitu concrete
  • Sealant for joints in expansion concrete plates
  • Sealing joints in precast panels
  • Adhesive for brick and block work
  • Sealings joints in water tanks and swimming pools
  • Sealant fot metal frames,
  • Sealant for aluminum windows and panels
  • Joint sealant for irrigation channels
  • Sealant for glass
  • Sealing granite & marble
White, Grey, Black