Thixo-Tool is a unique additive developed by Alchimica in order to solve application difficulties of HYPERDESMO® System Range of products in severely inclined, uneven or completely vertical substrates. The recommended addition ratio is 10-30% depending on the surface inclination, substrate condition and desired final consumption. Thixo-Tool can be used alongside Accelerator 3000A when the use of the latter […]


HYPERDESMO®-2K-W is a two-component, solvent-free, thixotropic coating, based on high quality elastomeric polyurethane resins.  After polymerization it produces a strong, elastic, hydrophobic membrane suitable for waterproofing and protection. It is recommended for flashing protection and tank waterproofing. It has been certified for use in potable water tanks (more details available on request from our technical department). Recommended […]


HYPERDESMO®-T is a one component high solids, polyurethane fluid, which cures with the humidity in the atmosphere.  It produces an elastic, highly durable, highly hydrophobic membrane with excellent UV resistance. Being aliphatic, it does not yellow/ discolour when exposed to sunlight. It is based on pure elastomeric, hydrophobic, aliphatic polyurethane resin, which results in excellent mechanical, chemical, […]


Single component, Single coat, on a Single day. Based on Humidity Activated Accelerator Technology (H.A.A).​ HYPERDESMO®-HAA is a unique single component liquid polyurethane waterproofing membrane, based on the successful combination of HYPERDESMO® and Accelerator 3000 which throughout the years has provided applicators with a solution for a fast curing, bubble free thick layer membrane. Our commitment to R&D and investment and […]


HYPERDESMO®-PARTICULAR is a thixotropic and fiber-reinforced, one component polyurethane liquid membrane used for waterproofing and protection of roof detail structures. Due to its unique formulation, it cures rapidly to form a bubble free thick layer membrane with excellent mechanical properties.  This product is ideal for use during the winter months or in climates with relatively low humidity. […]


HYPERDESMO®-300 is a single component, moisture curing polyurethane/polyurea liquid applied membrane, especially developed for heavy duty applications such as the waterproofing of bridge decks. HYPERDESMO®– 300 displays crack bridging properties over a wide range of extremely high or low temperatures, has excellent resistance to various chemicals as well as to chlorine ion penetration. CE certified according […]