AQUASMART®-PU PRIMER 2K is a revolutionary polyurethane water based primer formulated by Alchimica research and development laboratory based on the very successful idea of 1:1 by volume mixing ratio of products such as AQUASMART® -DUR. The product is unique also in the fact that it is 100% polyurethane and can be applied on damp concrete.  The drying time is fast making this primer an ideal same day primer for even difficult main coat applications such as POLYUREA based materials.

AQUASMART®-PU PRIMER 2K is a zero voc product and non IMO for transportation.

Recommended for:

  • Primer for HYPERDESMO® POLYUREA 2K HC and other polyurea based materials
  • Primer for HYPERDESMO® and AQUASMART® based products on concrete substrates
  • Fast curing primer requirements
  • Non IMO for transport