Terraces and balconies

Waterproofing and renovation of terraces and balconies

Terraces and balconies are subject to all weather conditions. Moisture is the biggest enemy, because water can infiltrate through the smallest openings and leave no chance to do so. A non-waterproof balcony is subject to frost damage, cracks and even concrete rot. The same holds for rising damp in the walls and capillarity. Capillary moisture is a phenomenon in which the pores in building materials absorb and propel moisture. This causes serious problems in the walls. By making terraces and balconies waterproof, they become more durable and it prevents future major maintenance.

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Benefits of waterproofing and renovation of balcony and terrace with Hyperdesmo®:

  • Terraces and balconies become more sustainable;
  • Preventing future major maintenance;
  • Sustainable – and economical solution;
  • Highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion to several surfaces;
  • Excellent thermal resistance;
  • Available in: white, grey, black and various other colours;
  • Water-based variants are also available, which have the advantage of being of the same strength, producing no stench and containing no solvents;
  • Moisture-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean floor as a result.

Why waterproof terraces - and balcony?

Especially when it concerns freshly poured, concrete looks solid and sturdy. The smooth, stony surface appears to be strong and indestructible. In reality, concrete is porous. This means that the material can absorb liquid. This may not sound like a big problem at first. But rain, snow and ice, all liquids are heavily exposed to the balcony and terrace. The concrete can therefore weaken structurally over time due to rain and other weather types. When cracks appear in the surface, even more moisture can penetrate. If this water freezes, turn it off. This can even break the concrete in the long run, making the terrace or balcony even unsafe.

Sustainable and economical solution

Waterproofing concrete with Hyperdesmo® offers a sustainable and economical solution. Hyperdesmo® is a one-component polyurethane that cures with the moisture in the atmosphere. It produces a highly elastic membrane with a strong adhesion on many surfaces. Hyperdesmo® has an excellent resistance to, for example, thermal stress. Therefor the product will never become soft. Beside this, it is also resistant to UV radiation and offers resistance to natural elements. The result is a waterproof balcony or terrace floor that is less sensitive to cracks and damage. After treatment, the floor is moisture-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

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