Basements and constructions

Waterproofing basements and structures

Sometimes real estate – and homeowners neglect to waterproof the concrete basement floor and other structures in their buildings. Costs for this can become very high in the long term. The concrete basement floor is the spot where water infiltrates. The walls are usually the first area in the basement where the water enters. Thereafter, it flows to the basement floor where it damages the concrete layer. Waterproofing concrete basement floors and other structures prevents water damage, health problems –by preventing mold – and expensive maintenances.

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Benefits of waterproofing basements and structures with Hyperdesmo®:

  • Sustainability of basement floors and structures;
  • Highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion to several surfaces;
  • Available in: white, grey, black and various other colours;
  • Sustainable – and economical solution;
  • Hyperdesmo® has excellent resistance to cold weather conditions;
  • Good water vapor transmission because the film breathes;
  • Results in: moisture-resistant, dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean basement floor or construction.

Disadvantages of basement moisture

Many real estate owners deal with basement moisture. A flooded basement causes various complications. For example, a flooded basement results in a musty smell and might cause mold in the long term. Beside this, masonry also suffer from basement moisture. Moreover, flooded basements cannot be used and will incur high repair costs.

Unique method

Waterproofing basements and constructions is very important. Hyperdesmo® offers a unique treatment to provide floor and walls with a waterproof coating. By doing this, moisture and leakage will no longer have a chance. Waterproofing the concrete with Hyperdesmo® offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Hyperdesmo® is a one-component polyurethane that cures with the moisture in the atmosphere. It produces a highly elastic membrane with a strong adhesion on many surfaces. Hyperdesmo® has excellent cold resistance. The layer remains elastic even below -40⁰C. The result is a waterproof basement floor or construction that is less sensitive to cracks and damage. The surface becomes moisture proof, dirt-resistant and easy-to-clean after application.

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