Self-levelling floors and concrete protection

Indoor – and outdoor self-levelling floors for your corporation

Self-levelling floors are very popular for decades within several type of companies. These type of floors are particularly wanted be of their strength. The strong substance and high quality ensure that a self-levelling floor lasts for years and remains its beautiful appearance. There is no need for any maintenance, which also makes this type of floor very suitable for commercial buildings. Mopping occasionally and vacuuming the floor is enough to keep this type of floors shining. Unlike other floors, the self-levelling floor is completely seamless. This means that there are no seams and edges where dirt can nest, which is obviously very practical.

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Benefits of Alchimica’s self-levelling floors:

  • Modern – and maintenance-friendly floors for business applications;
  • Strong and wear-resistant floors, also for chemical stress;
  • A suitable system for any application;
  • Very attractive value for money (price/quality-ratio);
  • Seamless floor system;
  • In both epoxy and PU application options;
  • Available in: white, grey, black and various other colours.

Seamless floor system

The word self-levelling floors floor literally stands for “pouring the floor”. The result is a completely sleek and seamless floor system. Screed floors are therefore considered by many architects as a suitable solution in commercial buildings. Self-levelling floors are used for decades. Back in the days, the industry was looking for floors that met all environmental requirements. The main requirement was a liquid-tight floor solution. The first created version is the epoxy self-levelling floor. Nowadays, UV resistance, elasticity, suitability for underfloor heating and a nice appearance are also important. These product properties can be found in the polyurethane (PU) self-levelling floors. The PU floor is a two-component synthetic resin bonded floor system.

Suitable for all types of surfaces

Alchimica supplies industrial self-levelling floors in both epoxy and PU-versions. These are perfect for commercial areas, that have to meet strict requirements. Such as mechanical load capacity, wear resistance, hygiene, chemical load capacity, liquid tightness and moisture resistance. Our Hyperdesmo® floors can be found in, for example: mechanic workshops, storage areas, industrial business areas, warehouses, production halls, laboratories, garages and many more. The self-levelling floors can be applied seamlessly on top of an existing layer. This is applies to almost all types of surfaces.

Curious about the possibilities? We are more than willing to inform you about all our specific applications!