Road construction

Waterproofing and protection for bridges, viaducts and tunnels

Many bridges, viaducts and tunnels are built with prefabricated structures. This makes waterproofing often a complex matter. Due to thermal deformation –different temperatures, the structures might deform. However, there is another challenge that requires a professional approach in order to make road, bridges, viaducts and tunnels waterproof. Since these structures become they slippery in winter, de-icing salt is often sprinkled in those places. Road salt causes a short-term so-called “thermo shock”. This effect affects the concrete surface of structures. Hyperdesmo®’s water-retaining membrane technology offers the right protection.

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Benefits of waterproofing road construction and other structures with Hyperdesmo®:

  • Sustainable waterproofing and protection for road constructions bridges, viaducts and tunnels;
  • Highly elastic membrane with strong adhesion on many surfaces;
  • Available in: white, grey, black and various other colours;
  • Sustainable and economical solution;
  • Hyperdesmo® has excellent resistance to cold;
  • Elastic membrane with strong adhesion;
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical, chemical and thermal stress.

Waterproof coating

The highly elastic polyurethane membranes from Hyperdesmo® often offer an excellent solution for applying a waterproof coating to various constructions. The great advantage of our product is the very fast curing reaction. The membrane is quickly cured and the surface can be walked on in a very short time period. This makes it possible to apply controlled layer thicknesses, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. After applying, they become completely waterproof.

Elastic membrane with a strong adhesion

Waterproofing the surface of road constructions, bridges, viaducts and tunnels with Hyperdesmo® offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Hyperdesmo® is a polyurethane that cures with the moisture in the atmosphere. It produces a highly elastic membrane with a strong adhesion on many surfaces. Hyperdesmo® has an excellent resistance to: mechanical, chemical and thermal stress. It is also resistant to UV radiation and offers resistance to natural elements. The result is a completely waterproof road, bridge, viaduct or tunnel with a surface that is less sensitive to cracks and damage. The surface is waterproof and very strong after treatment.

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