HYPERDESMO®-ADY-2K is a two-component, 100% solids, fully aliphatic polyurethane top-coat / paint, which, once cured, produces a tough membrane with, specifically, high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. It contains high quality inorganic fillers and pigments, which result in excellent hiding power in only one coat and, hence, significantly reduced consumption and application time. Further, it is thixotopic, which also makes it highly suitable for application on vertical substrates in, again, just one coat. Last but not least, due to its 100% aliphatic backbone, there is no yellowing as a result of direct exposure to sunlight.

Recommended for:

  • Protective & UV resistant top-coat on polyurethane flooring systems (HYPERFLOORTM System)
  • Protective & UV resistant top-coat on hot cure, spray applied polyurea (HYPERDESMO®-POLYUREA-2K-HC)
  • UV resistant polyurethane paint for floors and swimming pools
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